Penelope™ Orthopedic Shoes - Comfortable and stylish

Penelope™  Orthopedic Shoes - Comfortable and stylish

Penelope™ Orthopedic Shoes - Comfortable and stylish

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Waterproof Orthopedic Non-Slip Shoes for Women

Take a size up from your usual sizes! 

Unique design for orthopedic shoes 
The new shoe design ensures a healthy, comfortable and safe posture while walking and running thanks to the special design of the heel and sole which is extra-developed. The shoes correct your posture and eliminate muscle imbalance in your body while perfectly balancing your feet while you wear them. In addition, the shoes are stylish and do not look like typical orthopedic shoes! Be healthy and stylish on your way!

After only a few weeks, the improvements in the way you walk will be noticeable. These shoes will quickly become indispensable!

Benefits of the Penelope® Orthopedic Shoe

 Align your toes: The shoe corrects hallux valgus

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► Extremely non-slip sole: a secure grip in all situations

► Posture correction: straighten your hips, correct the position of your legs and avoid muscle pain by automatically adjusting the posture of your feet

 Even pressure distribution: The design of the bow ensures that your weight is evenly distributed on the toes, the bow and the ball at all times 

Slip-On Design: The slip-on design with an elastic cuff is convenient for customers to put on and take off.

Lightweight and Breathable: These walking shoes feature a durable knit upper with good elasticity that allows the foot to fit well. The breathable and smooth fabric offers ample freedom and optimal comfort.

Baskets Orthopédiques Correction des Oignons Pour femme

Wide Round Toe for Comfort: Super lightweight and flexible like socks, the breathable and smooth fabric provides great freedom and a comfortable feel.

Baskets Orthopédiques Correction des Oignons Pour femme

PU Outsole with Air Cushion: The high-quality rubber is non-slip and wear-resistant, offering excellent traction and grip. These onion-shaped shoes are perfect platform wedge sneakers that can be worn all day and complement any pants, dresses, and tops.

 Baskets Orthopédiques Correction des Oignons Pour femme

Best Shoes for Relieving Foot Pain: The big toe joints can be protected with our Women's Bunion Correction mesh sneakers, which can also be used with any of our bunion sleeves.

Baskets Orthopédiques Correction des Oignons Pour femme

Great Walking Shoes: If you don't suffer from bunions, these shoes are perfect for walking all day or standing for long periods. Forget about foot pain instantly.

   3 arch support

Our shoes have a 3 arch support design to make walking more comfortable. That's why we think you'll love our shoes.
Simply slip them on and squeeze your feet around the clasp for extra support.


We strive to offer you the most innovative products on the market. We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied. If you are not satisfied for any reason, please contact us and we will make sure you get a full refund.

This is a limited offer. Order yours while you can.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do we fit our shoes?

We advise you to take one size up from your usual size.

If you wear (for example) a size 2, we advise you to take the next size up, i.e. 3.

Are they suitable for "wide" feet?

In order to satisfy as many people as possible, our shoes have been designed to be suitable for wide feet. So don't worry, you can wear our shoes very easily.

Are they suitable for "painful" and "sensitive" feet?

Designed in collaboration with footwear specialists and podiatrists, our shoes are perfectly adapted to painful and sensitive feet.


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